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Credit Card payment no longer available27-Jun-2020

Credit card payments will no longer be available as all merchant options have moved to ScreenPri..

German Machines available again05-Apr-2012

The German manufacturer has again resumed supply of copiers to four Australian companies for Tat..

Suspension of Eclipse A4 Copiers01-Feb-2012

We are no longer able to supply stock of the A4 ECLIPSE copier. We maintain some supplies a..

No Machiens from Germany ;(01-Mar-2011

Well unfortunately we received a reply from the German manufacturer and they still have no Australia..

Professional German Thermal-Copier Machines

All products are genuine (no Chinese copies) and supplied with full Australian warranties, Australian service and Australian support. Don't get caught using cheap Chinese thermal 'fax' machines, as that's exactly what they are, an old telephone fax machine dressed in a new cover.

Other Affiliated Australian Suppliers:
- Protat Supplies
- Brett Stewart Tattoo Supplies

Genuine USA Spirit Paper is an authorised supplier of the Genuine ReproFX Spirit Paper manufactured in the USA. Don't get caught using the Chinese Spirit copy, or other Chinese papers that rub off.

Genuine Spirit Paper