Suspension of Eclipse A4 Copiers

We are no longer able to supply stock of the A4 ECLIPSE copier. We maintain some supplies and spare parts for existing customers should they require warranty support.
Ongoing servicing and spare parts will be determined on available parts at time of request.

Whilst the machine has passed all Australian electrical standards (CS9398N), and works to create tattoo stencils, the Chinese manufacturers have not made the required upgrades to the machine that would resolve some of the minor (but annoying) quality issues that have surfaced. (i.e. lid issues dropping out and causing possible damage to both lid and glass during transport.)

After great consideration, the enormous cost burden to locally rectify quality issues before supply to customers has not been financially supported by the manufacturer and leaves us considerably the red financially with this product.

With a lack of manufacturer support to rectify build and quality issues, we have made the decision to suspend supply.
We no longer wish to supply of a product that does not meet our high standards of build quality and customer expectations.

If you wish to contact WWTA for direct supply, by all means feel free to deal/ import the machines direct, however please understand no warranty or servicing for these models is locally available as we have only limited parts to support existing customers only

Carriers and tattoo paper (Spirit and Atsui) remain in stock for continued supply.

Your understanding is appreciated.

Kind Regards

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